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DLAA Spot Beam LED Aux Lights With Angel Eye DRL S

Dealer : DEMYTO Pune

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DLAA Spot Beam LED Aux Lights With Angel Eye DRL are a remarkable product which will take away all your tension away of low light on the road with its high performance glow due to its LED, it provides brighter and longer throw of light on the road decreasing your negative thoughts about night driving due to low visibility

These lights not only make your vehicle stylish and keeps you ahead of others on road but also saves your life in the adverse weather condition by lighting your path with its performance


Easy to use

Fits easily in vehicle

Low on battery consumption

Works with 12V current without any extra relay

High Power LED provides brighter longer beam light

Reliable product for highway and long distance travelling

Enhances vehicle looks with its sleek and stylish design

Shock resistant clips makes it perfect fit for any kind of driving

Can be wired with fog light or as a separate connections as it does not put any extra load on battery


DLAA Spot Beam LED Aux Lights With Angel Eye DRL(Set Of 2)

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