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Our 120+ Expert Mechanics serving Pune for all kind of Denting, Painting, Repair Services explicitly for branded Cars with Free Pick up & Drop!

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  • Genuine OES Parts used
  • Touch up paint application with a 1 year paint guarantee

Dent Paint Process!


    The panel is washed with soap water/water and scrubbed with a microfibre cloth in order to remove any deposits.
  • Base Coat

    First base coat: It is sprayed on the panel and the color is matched by the color code of the OEM. Second base coat: This is applied after the first base coat in order to get a perfect color match with respect to the color code & fade of the colour.
  • Masking

    Removal/Masking of badges, clips, door handles and indicators so that primer/paint is not sprayed on accidentally.
  • Sanding

    It is done to allow the primer & paint to stick to the panel. This is usually followed by applying the filler (putty or PoP) so as to get the right line, level & smoothness for the the panel.

    Finally a layer of clear coat or lacquer is applied so as to give the shine to the panel & make it appear uniform like the other panels. This coat is also a sealant and protects the paint from minor damage like superficial scratches etc.

    Once the lacquering is done, the areas that were masked are now removed.
  • Drying Treatment

    Drying Treatment is done with high powered lights in order to speed up the process and ensure consistency
  • Primer

    The first coat which is applied, the purpose of which is to allow for the paint to stick to the panel. It is usually mixed with a thinner according to the ratio specified by the OEM & paint manufacturer.
  • Final

    Finally a layer of polish is applied to the panel in order to have it looking as good as new. Sometimes polishing is also done after a period of a week

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