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Rockman Bike Chain Set Assembly-Honda Shine New

Dealer : DEMYTO Pune

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Riding a bike with worn out chain set is driving a bike with less power and less mileage, because a worn out chain set decreases the power to a extent of ten percent and mileage is decreased up to 5 to 8 kilometers per liter.

Features: ;

Improves Mileage

Increases riding response

Reduces engine load and over revving

Makes riding smooth and safe for long distances

Timely tensioning and oiling is equally important to have a good ride.

Increases throttle response and improves overall acceleration of the bike

With a good and properly maintained chain set, a bike can perform at its best and providing best mileage.

Package Contents:

Rockman Bike Chain Set Assembly

1 X Chain

1 X Front Chain Sprocket

1 X Rear Chain Sprocket