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Speedwav Twin Tone 2 Pipe Air Pressure Horn-U

Dealer : DEMYTO Pune

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Tired of low horn sound from your vehicle then switch to Speedwav Twin Tone 2 Pipe Air Pressure Horn which will not only get you the side for over taking any vehicle but will also keep you safe whicle riding, but will make your vehicle a head turner whenever you will blow it on the road with its Melodies sound tune


Easy to fit

Increased life horn

Enhanced horn sound

Three pipe loud horn sound helps you over take lane from any vehicle ahead of you

With horn installed in vehicle, driving becomes easy and safe on the roads and highways

Must buy for all highway travelers to have a safe and sound journey

Twin-tone compressed air-horn set, 12 V High-tone 840 Hz, middle-tone 795 Hz, low-tone 620 Hz

Note: Product color may vary as per stock availability

Package Contents:

1 X Speedwav Twin Tone 2 Pipe Air Pressure Horn (2 Trumpet Horn Cone , 1 Horn Air Compressor)

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