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A car consumes 30% of more fuel.

Here are 10 tips which ensure long-lasting for your car:

A car consumes 30% of more fuel.

Always keep a check on your car servicing intervals. It is also important for the 'unconcerned-about-eco-friendliness' car owners to maintain a green environment.

If you are not in the mood to sell your car or scrap your car, for a hybrid or sub-compact economic engine, here are 10 tips which ensure long-lasting for your car:

1) Measure mileage: To track your mileage start filling up your tank at every petrol station so as to track your mileage.

2) Check tire pressure: Driving on the recommended pressure, save you fuel and also reduces rolling resistance.

3) Change oil and oil filter: Changing oil and oil filter at a required time ensures clean engine.

4) Lighten your load: Get rid of roof-rack as it adds aerodynamic drags, causing your car to emit more CO2.

5) Change air filter: Air filter can be the cause of more fuel consumption as it prevents the engine from absorbing dust or dirt that clog up the box and stops it from pulling-in air.

6) Use cruise control: This could save you 6% of consumption on freeways.

7) Do not idle for more than 1-minute: More than a minute of idling can consume half to one gallon of gas per hour and emits more CO2 into the atmosphere.

8) Drive in a high gear without over-accelerating: Driving 60 km/h in 3rd-gear will cost you 25% more fuel than it would in 5th-gear; while driving at fast rates in low gears will consume 45% more fuel.

9) Maintain servicing plans: On-schedule maintenance helps your car retain fuel consumption and not increase it.

10) Get ultrasonic cleaning for fuel injectors: Carbon deposits will be removed from the fuel injectors.

Improving car's fuel efficiency will not only befriend the environment but also help you avoid becoming affected by mounting fuel prices. A better fuel economy leads a better environment and more cash in your account.

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