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A Rudimentary Strategy to Stop Sudden Unintended Acceleration

A small step to reduce the accidents

A Rudimentary Strategy to Stop Sudden Unintended Acceleration

When the control of the car is in your hand, a sudden acceleration is quite mysterious like it happens to be some invisible foot has floored the throttle. The odds that this can actually happen are infinitesimally small. And if have the throne of the car then you should know the remedy of such mysterious incident.

Pressing the brake hard in sudden acceleration comes naturally or while panicking. This action works but keep steady and do not pump the accelerator. Use all the strengths your leg can muster. The brakes will require more strength than the actual force because when the engine throttle is wide open, there's no engine vacuum to power the brake booster. The car will not slow quickly but will definitely reduce the speed. In every car, the brakes are more powerful than the engine, so eventually, the brakes will win.

The second step is to shift the transmission into neutral. If the throttle is stuck wide open, the engine will rev alarmingly high. There's an electronic rev limiter that will keep the engine spinning high enough to kill it, therefore there will be no harm to the engine. With the engine power now disengaged from the drive wheels, the brakes will have a much easier job.

As soon as these steps are attempted, you can consider yourself to be safe. This is the right time to shut off the engine. Nowadays some modern cars have push-button starters; you have to hold the engine to cut the engine. Be aware that the brake-pedal pressure may increase when the motor stops running. As safely as possible, pull the car off the road and call a tow truck. Do not think of driving the car until the mechanical problem is found and fixed.

Action may not save you from some situations but a calm decision and a quick reaction may give you a better result. So find an empty parking lot and practice these techniques. To simulate a stuck throttle, you'll have to keep the throttle pinned with your right foot and use your left foot to work the brakes. After a few go-arounds, you'll get the idea.

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