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Car Care Tips For Monsoon | Car Maintenance in Rainy Season

Car Maintenance in Rainy Season to prevent mishaps and damage to the car.

Car Care Tips For Monsoon | Car Maintenance in Rainy Season

In the rainy season, there is a majority of car accidents take place as the risk factor while driving a car greatly increases. The control of the car in the rainy season in our hands, but taking the utmost car is surely in our hands.

 Car Care Tips for Monsoon – Parts to Check

Most important parts of cars which need special attention during the monsoon season are:

• Tyres

• Wipers And Washer

• Brakes

• Body

• Electricals

• Interiors

Some of the General Car Care Tips For Monsoon Season

• Check the battery of the car regularly. Also try to apply a layer of jelly on the end terminals of the battery to prevent them from moisture.

• Get the car AC checked when using the demister, low the speed of fan, turn on the vent control to the windscreen, set control to fresh outside air, and turn the AC on.

• At the time of heavy rain, and you are not able to see ahead, simply turn on the headlights and drive slowly.

• If there is a stagnant water, do not afraid and panic. Drive the car in first gear and move slowly and gradually.

• Drive the car slowly when the road is wet. Also, brakes may be slightly less effective on rainy days as water generally seeps into the brake pads and disks.


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