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Reverse Camera vs Sensors

Car Parking

Driving in around urban cities is never easy. In metropolitan cities like New Delhi and Mumbai there is an average of 400-500 cars per square meters which means more cramped up space on roads and more mess and havoc around parking issues. At that time these reverse camera and sensors comes to the rescue of the driver and car helping you to reverse better and without bumping your car anywhere. While parking your car or driving through a cramped up space the driver do not have the luxury or even control to look after 360 degree around his car while reversing. Without such visions around the back of the car a driver is very likely to get a hit to the car with objects such as poles metallic dividers or even other vehicles in surrounding. These small collision might not cause a serious accidents but it will certainly damage the car either by adding starch to the car or getting a bump on the shiny surface of your car. These reverse camera or the sensors will give the driver a vision to the blind spot behind the car by alerting driver for any obstacle and thus certainly help in escape for a car damage.

Now the question comes what a driver of a car should prefer in the fight with parking mess and issue. Should he go with a reverse camera or a parking sensors?

Reverse Camera

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A reverse camera is installed on the back bumper of the car or on its number plate giving the driver luxury of blind spot vision by a kind of fisheye lens into the camera that gives a wide view angle and hence make the parking process in a cramped space easy. These cameras gives live feed and displays that from the backside of a car to the driver on the LCD display screen. A high quality Reverse Cameras can give a sight to driver about how close he is to the obstacle if any and thus can also provide you mathematical distance between your car bumper and obstacle so that you can park your car accurately and effectively. Although as these camera gives a wide angle shot like a convex mirror suggest that things seem far away from car might be a little closer than anticipated.


  1. Give driver a sight to its blind spot behind the car.
  2. Easy to use as the live feed comes to display screen.
  3. Helpful during end to end parking in cramped space.
  4. Can give accurate measurement of the vacant space.
  5. Useful for smaller and larger vehicles.


  1. Car need to have a display screen to get video feed.
  2. Camera can get damaged and dirty easily during rainy season.

Reverse Parking Sensors

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A parking sensor will give an alarm to the driver of car if it senses any object within a specific set distance of the car. Sensors can easily sense anywhere between 1.3 meters to 10cm, depending upon the quality, effectivity and the specification. High variant luxury segment cars have the sensor mounted and preinstalled well within the bumper of the car which can be seen in small black circles. When the car will come in danger area of the obstacle the sensors will make a beeping noise inside the car giving the driver an idea of how close they are to the obstacle and thus avoid backing or bumping into something.


  1. Easy to install.
  2. No need of display screen.
  3. Cheaper set up than cameras.
  4. Can work in every climate or condition.


  1. Can’t get a video feed of surrounding.
  2. Sometime small obstacle goes undetected.
  3. Not very useful for larger vehicles.