Car Cleaning Tips

Clean the AC vents and internal cooling compartment with the help of toothbrushes and paintbrushes. This will help you to remove the soft non-greasy dust particles from the air vents.

Use USB powered vacuum cleaner. They are small but quite powerful vacuum pumps which can easily suck out the dust from car AC vents. But these are only useful while removing dry dust particles.

Make your windshield and side windows fog proof by rubbing it with shaving foam and cleaning it with soft cloth. This way it won’t let the fog to settle down on to the windows and hence will ensure a safe ride.

Use toothpaste on to the scratches caused outside part of car. The toothpaste will hide these starches to some extent. If the dashboard of your car is leather one you could use mixture of olive oil and water to shine it completely. Regularly clean the air filter of the car before it gets choked.

  • 1) Do clean the car’s carpet by washing it in soap solution and drying it in sun else it will give a foul smell.
  • 2) Use air freshener available for car for a good and sweet smell inside.
  • 3) Regularly clean your tires and rotate them every 5 to 6 thousand Kms for better grip and safety.
  • 4) Use baking powder and lime water solution to rub of greasy and oily dust from the car seats or dashboard.
  • 5) Waxing the car every season is one way to protect the car from climate or weather changes.
  • 6) In summers the hot waves from sun can degrade the colour of the car and fade it away, hence waxing the car and coating it with a special layer coat will make it long lasting.
  • 7) Regular servicing of car is also important for the car body and internal engine.