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Chevrolet Cruze

chevrolet cruze servicing pune 

Purpose of the blog:

Cruze is one of the most stylish sedans hitting the roads in India. Perhaps one of the best luxury cars, this car has more than what you can think of flaunting. Let’s discover what can be the potential upside downs after buying it.

Common issues and maintenance in the car:

You may be taken aback a bit after reading this. The car is excellent in performance but tends to show problem with its Intercooler pipe. The authorized service stations are usually not prepared to deal with this. You may expect a minimum time of 7 days before you can acquire this part, that too at a cost as high as 15k INR plus servicing charges.

How Demyto can help?

It is completely the forte of Demyto when it comes to arranging the best quality parts in the minimum amount of time. The cost too is significantly less when compared to authorized dealers. Just try it out and you’ll be in a state of shock just by listening to the prices.

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