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Tips and Tricks to clean Windshield in Rainy seasons

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For a driver of the car the windshield above the dashboard is like his eyes to get the view of outside world from his car and thus driving safely and preciously according to the situation on road. So the windshield should always be clean and fully transparent for a safe ride. It is itself very difficult to clean a windshield every time before going out for a drive while in adverse condition of heavy rain and moisture the situation becomes worse. The visibility for a driver during the rain comes down almost 68% from the normal which can result in fatal injuries and serious accidents. Even though windshield wipers are provided in every car to wipe of water or dust during rain and storm but it still has major deficiencies and lacks in resisting water which can affect you driving. To protect your windshield and make it water repellent during rainy season you could simply buy windshield water repellent from any automobile market or you could adopt some home base and self-made solution to get a water repellent windshield during rains. A simple solution that one can make at home to tackle this problem is by mixing water and rubbing alcohol together and using its spread on windshield. This will give you enhanced visibility of the roads and prove to be effective in long run.

To make a water and rubbing alcohol solution you need to pour the rubbing alcohol in any spray container add a glass of drinking water to the spray bottle and let the solution settle for 30 sec before giving it a vigorous shake. Then let the solution cool down for an hour. After you are done with the solution spray it on to your windshield let it settle for a minute or two and then gently wipe it off with a clean soft cloth. You can now see a shining windshield that has some property of repelling water from its surface.

Also during rain in winters drivers have to tackle the situation of fog on to the windows and the windscreen. To avoid this terrible situation one can use a shaving foam by rubbing it on to the windows and windscreen and then wiping it off with a clean cloth. This would not let the fog settle down on the windows and thus enhancing the visibility for driver.

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