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Ford Endeavour

Are you the one who gets his juices flowing at the mere utterance of the word Safari Park? Or are you that street smart person who prefers to steer away from traffic by taking those rough and rugged “shortcuts”? Much better, are you the one who prefers power with class? Now you might wonder how these questions are even related.

Well, the fact is they are. And there is one car that connects these dots – Ford Endeavour. No matter how rugged the terrain, this marvel of engineering aces it all with class. The hottest SUV in market at present, this lovely beast may just become a synonym for the word power. The SUV comes with many features which makes it ideal as an off-roading car.

Some of these features include the Terrain Management System (TMS) and the Semi Auto Parallel Parking Assist. At the press of a button, the Semi Auto Parallel Park Assist not only helps one find the right size parking spot, it steers itself in. Simply take your hands off the wheel and watch as it parks perfectly. All one has to do is control the gears, accelerator and brake. Ain‟t that cool?

In the Grass/Gravel/Snow mode, the throttle becomes less sensitive, gears shift up earlier and downshifts occur later. This gives you a more predictable throttle response. It also gives the engine an ability to use low-down torque to move along. This is much better than bursts of torque given by other SUV‟s. So up for a game of golf? Or that trip to Manali? This is just your toy to carry along. The "Sand mode‟ gives the throttle extra sensitivity and allows the wheels to slip even more to
maintain momentum. The gearbox will also downshift early to maintain high rpms. This is handy when negotiating turns on sand dunes. So grassy, sandy, snowy, hilly and what not! There is simply no terrain on earth where you cannot drive this with ease. But leaving for those remote places may come with its own risks. What if the tyre bursts? I mean who wants a flat tyre on a trip that may just be going so awesome! And what if the finances are just sky rocketing? Who wants an additional cost added? One may wonder what deep pockets they need to possess to maintain this dragon? Or perhaps, what if just some road rasher gives you a dent or a scratch? Every day ain‟t your lucky day, is it? But now it is. Every what if gets answered and there is just one answer to each one of them – Demyto. Incredible and affordable service packages, tires at a price so low that you‟ll perhaps buy an extra stepney, even insurance covers at unbelievable prices. And all of this is just a click/tap away from you. This start up is just setting fire to the market with these amazing deals, all at your doorstep. Oops, sorry! Not just your door step, anywhere. Even if you‟re stuck at a remote location with no garage in your vicinity. Yes, just play around with their site/app, I‟m sure you‟ll fall in love with it.

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