Honda Amaze

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When it comes to sedans, you may be lured by the sleek designs and the class they offer. But they usually burn a hole in your pocket as well. Honda attempted to get rid of this side effect by launching a very much affordable Sedan – Amaze. But was the cost the only side effect Honda could get rid of? Well, there is always a tradeoff between vehicle and servicing cost. Discover more as you read along.

Common issues and maintenance in the car:
The car has shown problems with fuel leakage. This problem has been rectified fairly, if not frequently, by the Honda service providers. As it turns out, the fuel pipeline of the car is not that great at handling the pressure in the fuel system. While this can prove to be a real time killer with the authorized dealers keeping your car with themselves for days, the costs too multiply with time.

How Demyto can help?
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