How to Check Engine Oil Quality

Engine oil is one of the most fundamental and important part for a car or a bike. The engine oil is the backbone for your engine and hence it should be regularly changed in order to extract maximum performance from your car. Below are some useful and important information regarding engine oil, its durability, quality check which every driver of a car or a rider should be knowing. See more details below or contact us if you want any more detaiils

1) What is an Engine Oil and why is it needed?

    An engine oil is a greasy and high viscous liquid substance that provides lubrication to the internal mechanical parts of your engine. Every engine whether it is of a car or a bike has some mechanical parts inside it which keeps moving, rotating or spinning when the engine is turned on. These movable parts produce friction as they are continuously moving while remaining in contact with each other. The friction thus produce lot of wear and tear of their parts which can result in permanent damage to these small mechanical parts. One of the most important moving part of engine is the piston valves which continuously moves up and down in the engine cylinder producing power and hence torque for wheels to rotate. So the engine oil comes to rescue at this moment of time providing a lubrication to engine parts and hence making them durable and long lasting by allowing them work smoothly which will result in reduced friction. At the same time it cleans the sludge that gets deposited on the moving part with time and also saving these metallic part from corrosion and rust.

    2) How long does the Engine Oil last in a car?

    An engine oil life depends on the driving routine and engine load for a car. If a car is a heavy duty one or have powerful engines then the oil should be changed regularly. But for an average size and well maintained car regular change of oil is not required as such. An average estimation for changing engine oil is if your car have travelled between 6500 km to 8000 km.

    3) How to check if your engine oil needs to be changed?

    Usually your car will give enough signs and hints if the engine oil is needed to be replaced like a friction sound while driving or the sound of two metals vigorously galling with each other. Now a days cars also have an engine oil indicator that gives the signal to the driver regarding change of the oil. One other hint that the car will give you is the considerable drop of oil in the petrol or diesel tank. As more petrol or diesel will be used if your engine are not functioning smoothly resulting in low mileage of the car.

    4) How to check the quality of engine oil in your car?

    To check the quality of your engine oil you need to follow the following steps:

    1. 1.       Turn off your engine of the car.
    2. 2.      Open the car’s metallic hood in the front.
    3. 3.      Find the dipstick upholder on the engine oil compartment of the engine.
    4. 4.      Pull out the dipstick from the oil compartment.
    5. 5.      Clean off the dipstick with a cloth and reinsert it.
    6. 6.      Pull the dip stick again and this time wipe off the dipstick’s oil on your palm or a white cloth.

     Now you can observe 3 situation on the cloth or your palm regarding the oil condition.

    • If the colour of the oil is Transparent, greasy feel and have a honey like oil colour with almost no visible sediments in it the oil is in superb quality and will last for a long time before need of getting change.
    • If the colour of oil is little translucent having a dark-brown texture with little bit of small sludge and sediment particle you must consider for changing the oil soon in about less than 1000Kms.
    • ·         But if the oil on the cloth of dark black colour having a murky texture to it with multiple pieces of sediment particle and sludge you should be changing the car’s oil as soon as possible before it damage the engine of the car.

     Head out to your car and take the quality test for your engine before it’s too late and use synthetic engine oil for better performance.