Maruti Suzuki WagonR

Purpose of the blog:
Perhaps one of the oldest vehicles to populate Indian roads since Maruti Suzuki 800, this vehicle has dominated the Indian market. It has power enough to carry the load of 5 adults plus luggage and will always ensure you a smooth ride. But what about those who like speed? Read ahead to find out.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

Common issues and maintenance in the car:
The car was never meant to be a speedster. It was supposed to run smoothly in city traffic and was meant to be used for household purposes. Anywhere close to a 100 km/hr will make the vehicle wobble. Also, since the center of gravity of the car is way above the good, high speed turns pose the risk of toppling down.

How Demyto can help?
It turns out that more than the center of gravity’s position, the skinny tires of the vehicle cause a greater problem. Change them to thicker ones and speeding will never be an issue. But authorized dealers present sky rocketing costs if you ask them to change the tires. Demyto always comes to the rescue when it is a matter of tires, no matter which vehicle you drive – unbelievable rates starting from 1299 INR only. Check out the site to know more.