Open Windows vs. Air conditioner, which can be more fuel consuming?

What if minor actions hamper your social status?!

Small mistakes give a bad impact even if you are aware of the norms of driving. Consumption of fuel by these minor activities is considered to be a myth but the actual talk is, open windows and air conditioner consume fuel in its own way. When it comes to open windows vs. air conditioner, these points should be considered:

• Open windows are more economical up to a certain speed of around 55km/h as turning on the A.C at a low speed brings extra stress and demand, resulting in the high consumption of the fuel.

• Above 55km/h it is suggested to run air conditioner as opposed to extra drag caused by open windows.

Too much of anything can be harmful, therefore try to minimize the duration of the usage of any accessories even when it comes to rear screen demister or radio. Don’t let your ignorance hamper your social status!