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Optimum Positioning of Mirror In the Car


A driver needs to be fully alert and aware of the road, to its car and other cars or pedestrian on the road. Even small negligence on the road could prove to be disastrous for all. Your little incaution or unawareness will put your as well as others life in danger. The viewing mirrors in the car help for this cause so you can drive freely and cautiously on road. Usually in a car there are three type of viewing mirror which is present. There is a rear view mirror and two side view mirror near the front of car. They come to great aid giving us visibility around our car hence proving to a safe journey. As a driver of the car it’s our responsibility to make the maximum utilization of this helpful equipment’s for a safe and sound journey on the road. We should never drive a car that has broken damaged mirror.

Mirror 1


The viewing mirrors help us not only through crowded places but also help us to drive through fast lane highways, freeways or expressways. But it comes as a surprise when a report from transport department states that maximum number of licence holder in India do not know how to properly use these safety view mirrors. Below are given steps which we should keep in mind before driving a car regarding optimal use of these mirrors.


  • Be comfortably positioned on your seat (driver seat).
  • Put on the seat belt such that it just fit you perfectly.
  • Now while sitting straight and in driving position tilt yourself to your driving side window.
  • Now adjust the side view mirror such that it gives the complete field of vision of the rear right side of the car.
  • When the complete rear right side view is visible to you set the mirror at just the perfect angle vertically according to your eye level.
  • Now move back to your original position and then repeat the same step for adjacent side of your car so you can get a full rear left vision of your car.
  • After both the side mirror are perfectly fixed move on the rear view mirror.

Mirror 2

  • Adjust the central rear view mirror absolutely at the centre of the front seat of the car.
  • Set the mirror such that you can view the absolute rear of your car through rear window.
  • Now all the mirrors are giving perfectly right view to the driver and you are all set to take your car to the roads.



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