Guide to Car Safety Feature

Every vehicle has different features to ensure car safety. Learn more about the features of your car by using our safety features list. Click here for more.

While driving on road a driver or a rider is always prone to accidents and mishaps. Accidents might leads to fatal injury to both drivers and passengers of the car. Every Car has some safety measures fitted within them to escape from accidents and injuries which you need to know before taking your car out on the road.

1. Air Bags

Air bag is a safety device installed in most of the cars now a days. An air bag is a soft cushion like bag between the driver and the steering wheel of car which pops out from the dashboard in case of a major blow to the car. These air bags are present to give your head a soft spot to land on when your car gets a hit during an accident thus preventing any fracture twist or damage to your head which is the most critical and sensitive part of the body. Then there is the curtain airbag foran extra safety that activates instantaneously in the event of a side impact crash thus preventing your head from getting a hit to windows.

2. Anti-Lock Braking System

Anti-lock braking system or ABS is a safety feature in automobile industry that help a tire in maintaining a contact to the ground when the driver apply a sudden break. The ABS thus prevent the vehicles tires from getting locked up when break is applied and protect it from skidding and crashing. ABS is a must to have when going through highways or while speeding as it gives the car added safety in avoiding crashes.

3. Forward Collision Warning

 This is an electronic device which you can install in your car. It keep a check on the road in the driving direction through laser sensors and camera mounts technology. It scans the road while you are driving the car in a real time system and if any obstacle or a crash like situation is sensed by the system it will automatically warn the driver and even pull up the breaks to avoid collision.

4. Blind Spot Monitor and Warning System

 The blind spot monitor is very essential tool for a driver so that he is aware about his surrounding on a road. A blind spot monitor will give 160 degree of viewing angle from one side of a car and if a car is connected to blind spot warning system then the driver can enjoy the 360 degree viewing angle on the display screen in car. This feature comes to a great aid for a novice driver on the road as he become aware of his car position on road.

5. Fog Lamp and Day Time Running Light

A fog lamp is preinstalled in most of the cars now a days to give the driver a better visibility on foggy days and night. As normal headlight gets reflected back from dust particles in fog hence producing a glare in eyes but fog lamp give a wide angle clear view of the road. Day Time Running Light are white colour lights fitted in many cars illuminating when the car gets turned on.