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Things To Remember While Travelling With Baby In Car

Checklist: Packing list for traveling with a baby, Packing Checklist. Diapers. One for each hour you'll be in transit, plus extras in case of delays. Pad to put under your baby during diaper changes. Blankets. Plastic bags. Diaper rash cream. Wipes. Small bottles of disinfecting hand gel, baby wash, and baby lotion. Tissues.

Car rides regularly excites small children new born babies or an infant. They feel great and enjoy the ride seeing the world outside running backwards. Colours they see on the road, wind blowing through their face fascinates them. But apart from being fun it is very important that the driver takes some very necessary steps for making the ride smooth and safe for baby. Certain measures will ensure that baby is safe and enjoying the ride.

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Install The Baby Seat As Soon As Possible:

As soon as you are about to have a baby make sure you install the seats. These baby seats works as an extra padded comfortable sofa like seats for baby hence providing them more and better safety. These seats prove to be very effective and secure for the babies. While purchasing a baby seat make sure it is of good quality and fits perfectly in your car. You would not want that the seat is too tight for too loose.

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Don’t Do Rash Driving While Baby Is In Car:

Rash Driving and speeding is anyways dangerous for both the driver and pedestrian walking on the road. But one should put extra precaution and measure if baby is in the car. Jerks that are introduced during speedy drive might be a minimal movement for us, but for a baby it could prove to be very dangerous. As babies are in development phase and their bones and muscles are not very strong hence sometime even little jerk can be enough for damage to their body.

Alert Message Displayed

Every car carrying a baby must have an alert display at rear and front window stating that theirs a baby in the car hence alerting the other vehicles and drivers on the road to drive safe and keep distant from the car carrying the baby in it.


Never Use Strong Perfume Or Car Freshener

One should never be using any kind of perfume or car freshener while the baby is in the car as it can really be harmful for the baby inhaling such strong chemicals. It can affect the baby’s lungs and even nervous system.


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