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Important Things to Do In Case Of Road Accident

Road accidents are very common now days mainly in metropolitan cities. From minor hits and bumps to major crashes any misfortunate event can occur on road to anyone. So one should remember and follow certain guidelines in case of an accident.

  •  Stop And Wait:

In case of an accident or even a hit to your car do take and park your vehicle on the side of the road to stop. One should never be travelling or riding in an accident hit vehicle as it could be dangerous to both the driver and as well as other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. You should not take a risk of driving with broken parts present in car. Even an average damage to your car parts can lead to a major accident in further future. And your small negligence could prove to be horrific.

Accident 1


  • Get Out Of Car ,Secure Yourself And Make The Accident Spot Guarded:

Ensure your safety by getting out of car and even from middle of road or any dangerous position. Now you should be guarding the accident spot so that other cars or vehicle do not get involved in crash further. You can do this by switching on the warning light or the flashing light of the car so others can see that and be safe and alerted.

Accident 2


  • Call The Police:

 If you are involved in a car crash or any car accident it's your moral duty to inform and call the police to the location of accident. The police are in the best position to judge the accident and find any defaulter responsible for the accident. Even if you have an insurance policy for your car you will need a police filed case to claim the insurance, hence it is a good idea to call the police as soon as possible during an accident.

Accident 3


  • Call For Medical Assistance:

In case of an injury to you or to any other person involved in the accident you must call for medical assistance as soon as possible. A severely injured person getting a medical help or support quickly is the best possible situation for his survival. Even neglecting a small and minor injury can cause lots of problem for the health in future. Being hit on head should be seen as quickly as possible for best chances of survival.



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