What To Do In Case Of Brake Failure!

What To Do If Your Brakes Fail – Defensive Driving

Imagine yourself zooming in your car on a highway or expressway. You are travelling at a speed of almost 100 Km/Hr and suddenly you realize that your brakes are no more working and you have stuck with brake failure. This might be the worst possible situation you could face while driving. This is dangerous for person in the car and even to other out on road. Every year 8% of Indian vehicles encounter this situation and almost all of these lead to some serious accidents as the driver is now aware of the correct measures he can follow to escape this situation.

break failure

If you encounter with such a break failure situation you need to follow certain procedure and measure to have a chance to escape and survive.

a) Keep yourself calm and compose because if you will panic you might be unable to think properly and certainly crash down your car

b) Try to push the brake pedal along with removing your foot from accelerator. If the brake pedal moves way down to car’s furshe, it means the brake oil of the car is finished or the pressure is not getting generated. You should start pumping your brake pedal as fast as possible as it might reintroduce pressure to brake coil. If the brake pedal is not going down check for any obstacle under the pedal.

break failure 1

c)  Now slowly and steadily downshift your gear, do not hurry as downshifting quickly at such speed might result in lost control.

d) If road is empty try to drive in a zigzag way as it naturally decrease the speed due to friction of tyres. Always perform this at slow speed or you might flip your car.

e) Once the speed is decrease a little go for parking brake, perform the braking slow and steadily as quickly breaking down at high speed with parking brake will lock your rear tyre and the car will flip down on the road. If you do it correctly you will see the car slowing down bit by bit.

f) Always try to move on the side lane away from traffic. Using road side guard railing or any bushes, trees will help to slow down. Use air friction to slow down car by opening windows of car.

g) Honk out as repeatedly as possible to alert other on road.

h) At last after trying all possible means to stop the car try to crash down your car at the safest place available on the road.