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Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Top 10 Low-Maintenance Cars To Buy In India

Owning a car is a dream for many, but the cost of maintenance can often become a reason why many people are very hesitant to purchase one. However, there are several low-maintenance cars available in the Indian market that offer reliable performance without the high maintenance spend. Here’s a list of the top 10 low-maintenance vehicles to buy in India, ensuring you a hassle-free ownership experience. Whether you are looking to buy a new car or replace your current vehicle, these cars are reliable and cost-effective options for owners who prefer reliable car models.

Causes of a Steering Wheel That Makes Noise When Turning

When you have to make a turn, there shouldn’t be any noise coming from the steering wheel. Any such noises suggest there could be a problem with one or more of the numerous components in your car’s suspension and steering systems. Turning puts a lot of stress on these parts and wear them out, causing a whining, groaning, or rubbing sound to occur. This might seem like no big deal, but you shouldn’t ignore these sounds as they could be an early warning sign of a serious problem.

Top 5 Bad Oil Pump Symptoms

The oil pump lubricates a running engine by supplying it with oil. This lubrication prevents the engine’s metal components from making contact with each other. The oil pump also absorbs heat from the engine’s components while they’re running. Even though the oil pump may seem heavy duty, it can fail over time. It’s important to recognize the signs of when the oil pump is starting to wear out, as this means the engine and its components won’t be lubricated. What really happens when an oil pump fails is that severe engine damage can occur if you don’t replace it right away.Below, we’ll discuss more of the symptoms of a bad oil pump and the estimated costs for replacing it.

What happens if you don t get an oil change for a long time?| Demyto Car Repair & Services

Even the best oils eventually require you to change them.The most common issue is that the parts in your engine will become too hot. This can cause the engine to run less efficiently, and as time goes on, it can cause the engine components to warp and wear out

Simple steps to save fuel! The ultimate guide

Economical ways to save fuel

What is the most frustrating thing that can happen to your car?

Keep guessing!

Did You Know?

Your car needs different types of oils and other fluids:

Get a smoother ride on road

How can airbags be a life saver?

Questions on airbags:

What sets us apart?

Some important points which only DEMYTO keeps in mind:

A Rudimentary Strategy to Stop Sudden Unintended Acceleration

A small step to reduce the accidents

A car consumes 30% of more fuel.

Here are 10 tips which ensure long-lasting for your car:

DIY for Denting-Painting

Denting-Painting in a more simplified manner

Avoid jeopardy while DRIVING in heavy rain

Safety measures while operating your car:

Is your car,vacation ready?

Plan for car-vacation with some rules:

Open Windows vs. Air conditioner, which can be more fuel consuming?

What if minor actions hamper your social status?!

How to keep RODENTS out of your vehicles ?!

Solutions to the problem even if it is a war with RODENTS!

10 Car Care Tips for your Car to Look Healthy

Everyone wants their Car to look clean and Healthy.

Car Care Tips For Monsoon | Car Maintenance in Rainy Season

Car Maintenance in Rainy Season to prevent mishaps and damage to the car.

Engine Overhaul & Replacement

Engine Maintenance & Engine Replacement

Top 5 Signs Indicating that You Need a Car AC Repair

Oil Change Service

What is an oil change all about?

General Car Servicing Schedule

General Car Servicing Schedule, Why, What & When?

What To Do In Case Of Brake Failure!

What To Do If Your Brakes Fail - Defensive Driving

Things To Remember While Travelling With Baby In Car

Checklist: Packing list for traveling with a baby, Packing Checklist. Diapers. One for each hour you'll be in transit, plus extras in case of delays. Pad to put under your baby during diaper changes. Blankets. Plastic bags. Diaper rash cream. Wipes. Small bottles of disinfecting hand gel, baby wash, and baby lotion. Tissues.

Turning Radius and Speed of the Car

Important Things to Do In Case Of Road Accident

Car Cleaning Tips

Optimum Positioning of Mirror In the Car

How to maintain Car’s AC during winters

Tips for Maintaining Your Car Air Conditioning System

Tips and Tricks to clean Windshield in Rainy seasons

Car Care Tips & Tricks -Reverse Camera vs Sensors

Reverse Camera vs Sensors

How to Check Engine Oil Quality

Guide to Car Safety Feature

Every vehicle has different features to ensure car safety. Learn more about the features of your car by using our safety features list. Click here for more.

Top 5 Things to Remember When Driving On Cement Roads

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